Bath vanities

Went shopping for a vanity for my small bath and discovered the market had changed since I was last in the market for a vanity. The shift was that now vanities are considered stand-alone furniture. This means all three sides are now finished, even if one side is pushed against a side wall as is typical i.e. right of vanity is wall, left is toilet, sometimes (wrongly) the tub. Aside from an ackward finish detail on the wall, the price has risen to cover the cost of the vanity.

Two other changes seemed to make sense though. One was a shallow vanity that was about 6” less deep with a sink that over hung the vanity to the typical 20” depth. The advantage here is that the bath, especially a small one, seems less crowded.

The other change was a hung sink with a cabinet below that does not touch the floor. Again, this arrangement reduces the clutter in a bath and exposes more floor space. This also reduces the finish detail of a cabinet against a sidewall. Kohler has a line called Jute that warrants a look.